Anniversary Session | Aldergrove Regional Park | Ryan + Marcelo

“A friend once that asked me ‘How did I know Ryan is the one?’ At the time I said maybe it was his sense of humour. Or the smile. Or the fact that we both love sweets… but the truth is he makes me happy. It’s that simple. And I want to make him happy. When I look at those beautiful brown eyes and cute smile when I wake up in the morning I get that warm feeling in my chest. To me, that’s what love is.”

“It was a wet and rainy day when I first met Marcelo. February 14th to be exact. After getting bailed on last minute by my date I decided to try messaging this cute guy who was studying one city over. We had been chatting online for a few months now but since both of us were in our last year of university and had jobs we had precious little free time for dates. The stars seemed to align however as he was free as well.

I invited him on a date to my favourite cafe and we started chatting non stop. He was from Brazil, studying in Canada on a scholarship for his final year of Biotechnology.

I won’t say I felt fireworks when we first met but he was the cutest guy I had ever met. He was also that rare blend of smart, charming and oh so funny. I found myself smitten and wanting to see him again after our first date. I loved listening to his studies and research, about his friends and family and we loved watching nerdy shows and going on walks together.

After he went back to Brazil to finish his degree we decided to cool things off as we didn’t know where life would lead us. Our tepid temperature didn’t last long. We were calling each other every day. Sending messages, skyping and even sending mail to one another.

We made a plan for him to return to Canada and on September 27 I was greeting him at the airport with the biggest bouquet of flowers I could find. After living together I decided I didn’t want to lose him again and I proposed. He said yes and I was more happy than I had ever been.

We had a small ceremony down by the river where we used to walk when we first started dating. The weather was cold and miserable but I was too happy to care. After we said our vows the rain stopped and we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow a photo of which is one of my favourites from our special day one like many others we cherish.

Marriage is not a magical fairytale. It takes work, commitment and communication but I can honestly say that having Marcelo in my life brings more joy than anything I could imagine.”

Are you crying? Same. I mean how sweet is their love story!!!
I can’t get enough of it and I can’t get enough of these two.
Ryan and Marcelo, thank you so much for constantly choosing me to
capture such precious moments in your lives. So much love.

xo Sam

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